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How to download eBooks to amazon kindle on iPhone?

Amazon Kindle

Like iPod’s sole purpose is to enjoy songs, Amazon Kindle is an ebook reader meant to read online available electric books or ebooks. The world’s largest e-commerce store first announced an ebook reader back in 2007, known as “Kindle.” Although it wasn’t the very first dedicated ebook reading device, it succeeded because, first, it had shallow competition in those days. Secondly, it had a seamless design as it was connected directly to Amazon’s online store, providing thousands of ebooks owned by Amazon to the users wirelessly.


Owing to the large customer base of Amazon, Kindle got a massive benefit over its competitors. It was a big success for Amazon. This ebook reader changed the reading experience, and many readers preferred it over traditional book reading. Amazon introduced the Kindle app available on a wide range of devices, looking at its popularity.

How to read eBooks on iPhone through Kindle

To start reading eBooks on Amazon Kindle, you need to do the following things. First, you have to purchase ebooks from the Amazon Kindle ebook page. Then, you’ve to download them over to your Kindle mobile app. Let’s discuss them one by one.

How to buy books at Kindle

To purchase ebooks, follow these simple steps.

1- First, you need to open the web browser on your iPhone, Safari, or whatever you prefer.

2- Go to Amazon’s Kindle eBook page.

3- Then, you need an Amazon account.

4- If you already had an account, you have to log in to it. For this, click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner. After that, provide your credentials. Finally, you’re logged in. (If you don’t have an amazon user account, you have to make a new one by tapping on the sign-up button).

5- Once you’re into your account, go back to the main page and find the ebook you’re looking for.

6- Select your desired ebook.

7- Under the Delivery options, change the delivery method to Kindle Cloud Reader.

8- Now, tap on Buy now with 1-click.

9- Last but not least, a notification will pop up, saying that your selection is in your kindle library.

10- The eBook will be delivered instantly to your Kindle app after the payment is made.

Now, you have bought the eBook, and you need a Kindle app to read it. So, follow these instructions to download the kindle app and ebook.

How to download books in the Kindle app

Once you purchased the ebook and added it to your Kindle library, it will automatically show in your Kindle app. To download it in your Kindle app on your iPhone, follow these steps.

1- Download the Kindle app from the apps store in case you still don’t have one.

2- Open the app, tap on the library button on the left lower corner to see your Amazon Kindle library.

3- Search for the ebook that you’ve purchased, tap on it, and the download will start.

4- Once the download is completed (it would have a small tick mark on it), you can enjoy reading your favorite eBook.

Features of Amazon Kindle App

Kindle app provides different options like changing text color, font, text size, line spacing, and mark. In addition to these, it has an X-ray feature that allows you to get more details about characters and other items. Besides these, the Kindle app also supports bookmarking your current page and searching for a specific text.

Highlighting a word in the app will let you find the meaning of that word on Wikipedia and other dictionaries. This app can manage ebooks downloading from Amazon as well as other libraries like Libby. Kindle app supports a multitude of different devices, including Windows and Mac computers and iPhone and Android mobile devices. The more advanced Kindle comes with new features like text-to-speech ability and waterproofing. In this article, you’ll find complete guidance on the Kindle app, including purchasing a book at the Amazon store and downloading it at your Kindle app.


Kindle gives the following benefits over traditional book reading as well as other ebook readers.

  • One of the most prominent is that it has its extensive collections of ebooks. You can find most of the ebooks here.
  • Ebooks are pretty much less expensive than traditional books.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • You don’t need to carry books with you all the time. You can store up to thousands of books in it thanks to its large memory.
  • It provides you with a dictionary feature to find the meaning of a word.


The biggest problem with an ebook reader like Kindle is that you can’t feel the whiff of a hard-copy book. The uniqueness of a book that you get while holding a book is gone now.

Screens emit blue light that may affect your eyes. As paper books were more accessible to the eyes, ebook readers may cause strain and irritation to your eyes. It may even cause weakness in eyesight. It is a hobby of some people to collect books. You can’t stack books over books just like you do with paper books.


Concluding this article, the Kindle app is an easily accessible and a go-to tool for everyone who is fond of reading books. You can download the books and carry them wherever you want without the fear of burden. Kindle got features like adjustable fonts as well as the audio capability for vision-impaired persons. It is a great tool to help in reading books.

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