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How to listen to audiobooks in the car?

Suppose you’re an enthusiastic book reader and don’t find enough time to read a book. In that case, listening to audiobooks might be an alternative way. You can listen to them while you’re on a long drive or during your daily driving. This will make not only your journey informative but also time-saving. While there are specific ways to listen to audiobooks, we’ve covered up some methods for you with a complete guide. Hey! No matter what kind of vehicle you get, you’ll find one way or another to play audiobooks in your car.

1- Car mode

If you’re using the Audible app to listen to audiobooks, there’s a feature in this app that’ll easily allow you to listen to audiobooks in your car. This feature is called ‘Car Mode,’ which is available both on Android and iOS devices. Car mode has three buttons on the user interface;

  • Play/Pause
  • Go back 30 seconds
  • Bookmark your audiobook

How to use Car Mode:

It is pretty simple to use the car mode feature.

First, in the Audible app, choose the audiobook that you want to listen to; after that, tap the car mode icon at the top of the screen. Audible will start playing your desired audiobook in the car. Finally, press the “X” cross button to exit this mode when you’re done.

2- Android Auto and iOS CarPlay

Cars, these days, come with a built-in stereo system, also called “In-Vehicle infotainment system”. This system conveys the user entertainment and information through an audio/video interface. You can use this stereo system to listen to audiobooks. You can use the Android Auto feature if you’re having an android phone or CarPlay in case you’re an iOS user.

How to use Android Auto

Download and open the Android Auto application on your Android phone. Click on the headphone icon and then choose Audible. Next, open the library and select the audiobook that you want to play. Android auto allows you to enjoy Audible from your smartphone screen.



Launch the Audible app on your Android phone. Next, connect your smartphone using a USB to your car’s stereo. Select the audiobook you want to play, and it shall automatically start playing through the car stereo.

To use Android Auto, your phone’s android version must be 5.1+.

How to use Car Play

Car Play is a system that allows iOS compatible devices to listen to audiobooks on the car’s stereo. To use this feature, download and open car Play on your iPhone. Plug the iPhone into the USB port of your vehicle. This port should be labeled with a smartphone icon. Select the Car Play on display. Tap right or swipe right to select Audible. Click Audible, then head towards the library and choose the audiobook that you want to play. It’ll start playing on your car’s stereo.

To use Car Play, you must have an iPhone 6 or higher version.

3- Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a type of wireless connection that allows sending information to a shorter distance. For example, you can listen to audiobooks using a Bluetooth connection. For this purpose, your vehicle and smartphone must have an active Bluetooth connection. Most smartphones come with this facility.

How to use Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on both your car and smartphone. Connect your smartphone to your vehicle. Play whatever audiobook you want to listen to and it will start playing automatically on your car’s stereo.

4- USB drive

A USB drive/flash drive is a kind of mini-storage device that allows you to carry information. If your car’s stereo supports playing media from the USB, then you can use a USB drive to listen to audiobooks on your car’s stereo.

How to use a USB drive

First of all, you’ve to transfer audiobooks files to your USB. The only problem here is that most audiobooks are usually in AA/AAX format, and the car’s stereo doesn’t support this format. So, first, you’ve to convert your file to MP3/WMA/AAC/M4A/M4B format with any audio converter. After that, plug your flash drive into your car stereo. Then you can play audiobooks on your car’s stereo.

5- SD Card

An SD card, just like a USB, is a mini-storage device. To use an SD card to listen to audiobooks, you need an SD card reader.

How to use an SD Card

The use of an SD card is similar to the use of a USB drive.

Transfer your required audiobooks to the SD card. Put the SD card in the card reader and plug it into the car’s stereo. Play the audiobook on your car’s stereo. Remember, like a USB, audiobooks need to be converted into a suitable format.

6- Burning CDs

If your car has a CD/DVD drive, you can use a CD drive to listen to audiobooks in your car’s stereo.

How to use burning CDs

For this purpose, you’ve to burn your audiobooks on the CD. Burning is a term used to describe a process to write/transfer files onto your CD. After that, insert the CD into the CD drive to start listening to audiobooks.

7- Some other methods

USB cable

A USB cable is much easier to find these days. Some cars allow to play music through the USB port, and using this method is pretty handy.

How to use a USB cable

Plug the USB wire into the USB port of your car’s stereo and connect it with your smartphone. Choose the audiobook that you want to play, and it will automatically start playing in your car’s speakers.

Auxiliary cable

If your car permits an auxiliary input, then you can use an auxiliary cable to play audiobooks through your car’s stereo system. An auxiliary cable is different from a USB cable, so it must be plugged into both the car’s and smartphone’s headphone jack. This is because it has a shape like a headphone’s plugin-end. The only problem here is that smartphones don’t come with an auxiliary cable, so you’ve to buy it locally.

How to use an auxiliary cable

Similar to a USB cable, plug the auxiliary cable in your smartphone and in your car too. Then, play the audiobook of your choice, and it’ll automatically start playing on your car’s stereo.


Final Words

Your safety should be your priority. Using a mobile phone while driving is not only dangerous for you, but it’s also unlawful. Play your audiobook before you start your journey. Try to avoid using mobile during a drive. Drive safe and enjoy your trip!

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