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Where to buy comic books online

Visiting a comic store has always been fascinating for me, just like it was for Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard from The Big Bang Theory. A decent comic book store is one of our favorite places to go to.

Local comic shops aren’t always the ideal option for everyone, whether it’s due to distance or a lack of familiarity with the stores in your area.

So, the only option left is to purchase them over the internet. When buying comics online, it’s easy to become lost in the vastness of the internet while trying to find the finest locations to start. The following is a list of the most important sites to buy comics. We’ve also covered discounts and offers on these sites so that you don’t have to lure in search of your favorite comic. Let’s get right to the point.

Amazon/Kindle Store

When it comes to buying online stuff, Amazon/Kindle stores are everyone’s go-to choice. With its extensive library of books, you can find not only comic books but almost any kind of book. Millions of comic books are available due to their comprehensive database, including their older to latest editions.

Introduced back in 2007, the Kindle store is a child branch of Amazon.com. It is an online e-book service by Amazon. This mainly targets its users who are book enthusiasts. You can access the Kindle Store on your Kindle e-reader as well as from your smartphone. A significant advantage of Kindle is that it introduces the Kindle Unlimited package, a subscription-based service for its users. With this offer, you can have access to unlimited e-books for a small price of $9.99. Kindle also offers a free trial. Before buying their services, you can check them out.


Talking about comics, Ibookshelf is an online books library. Their vast selection of hundreds of books online captures its users’ attention, like Sauron’s necromancy. With their latest comic book editions, they not only offer to buy online but also allows its users to download in the form of audiobooks. Their comic books directory is updated daily, while you can also purchase your special comic book on a demand basis.

Things from another world

Just like its name, Things From Another World offers services that are from another world. It is an excellent place to look if you’re considering the latest editions of your favorite comic books. Services like a wide range of older and latest editions, subscription-based offers, and up to 10% lower services than the market make them a much more reliable store to choose from, among others.

Along with comic books, they also advertise superhero-based merchandise, toys, and statues. If you stop by Los Angeles, pay a visit to their one in 5 physical locations.

Midtown comics

Just like Things From Another World, Midtown Comics is an online comics store that not only offers a great variety in comics but it also provides comic-based merchandise. They also present lucrative offers to their buyers, for example, up to 15% discounts and sales.

Whereas you can find almost every kind of latest edition, older versions are a little harder to find as their current focus is mainstream comics. With reliable and fast shipping, you can place your order without any issues.

Mile High Comics

Claiming to be America’s largest comic book store, Mile High Comics has a whooping 10,000,000 comics in their stock. Varying from older to newer comics, you can find every kind of comic from here. They provide a great discount on back-issue comics, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the latest editions.

Coming to the prices, they provide relatively diverse rates. While buying from Mile High Comics, keep in mind that their prices may fluctuate. They have reliable delivery with packaging except that their shipping might be a bit slower than others.


With more than 750,000 comics in hand, NewKadia is the only online-only comic store. This means they don’t have any physical location. NewKadia has a pretty decent pricing structure. In addition to this, they also offer discounts based on the themes and comics’ condition. Offers are like win a $100 gift card can be availed. At the time of writing, they hold 5 sales of up to 80% off on daily basis.

Well-packaged, bagged, reliable, fast, and free insurance are among the hallmark features of their online services.

My Comic Shop

At My Comic Shop, not only can you buy a comic, but you can also sell your comics. They have a great range of back issues as well as new comics. They differ from other comic stores in that they have an auction house for high demanding comics.

Their pricing structure is pretty reasonable. One rather noticeable thing is that they have prices higher than the market rates for the comics that are in high demand. They even have those comics which were present at the time when the internet was non-existent.

Their delivery method is pretty sturdy. Custom-shaped cardboard padding that is wrapped in a plastic bag and then is delivered in a damage-resistant carton.

Discount Comic Book Service

Just like the name indicates, this comic book store gives its customers some big discounts. When we’re talking about the discount, it is not a small one but up to 50% off. The only drawback to their services is that they don’t have the latest issues. To use their services, you have to pre-order your comics that may take up to months to deliver. This is only suitable for casual readers or those who only love to read about their favorite comics.

Just like My Comic Shop, they have attested delivery services. You can order your comics without any hassle, and you’ll receive them in perfect packaging.

The Verdict

There you have it, the most acceptable internet venues for buying comics online that we could find. There are, however, many others. Indeed, physical and mortar comic shops aren’t always the most fantastic solution for everyone. Fortunately, comic book fans have a few beautiful alternatives in the form of online comic book stores when this occurs.

For anyone wondering about buying comics online, I think this is a good starting point. I also hope this shows that there are so many choices available to ensure you can always get the best out of it.


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