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Where to buy kindle books

Are you looking for sources to buy eBooks for your Kindle e-reader/app? You can find them on the sites itemized below.

There are multiple sites that not only let you purchase eBooks at pretty reasonable rates, but you can also read them on your Kindle. At the end of the list, you’ll get complete guidance on how to read any eBook in Kindle. While buying eBooks, you have to look for one thing.

Kindle accepts a different file format than others. All the Kindle devices and apps support the “mobi/prc” format, while other ebooks use the “epub” format. You can also use pdf files, but you won’t get all the advantages of the Kindle. Converting the file formats of the eBooks is pretty easy. You can use any online file format converter.

Here is a list of online stores from where you can buy books for your Kindle.

1- Amazon Store/Kindle Store

The best and most convenient way to buy an eBook for a Kindle user is definitely an Amazon/Kindle store. It is the largest online book store. With its millions of online eBooks available, you can find almost every kind of book there. Tens of eBooks are added daily.

Amazon also gives premium offers to its Kindle users like Kindle Unlimited subscription service. Here you can have unlimited access and download most of the eBooks for a minimum amount of $9.99/month. In addition to this, you can also get free eBooks under Bestsellers in Kindle Store. This list is updated daily.

2- Ebooks.com

Ebooks.com is one of the biggest online eBook sellers on the internet. It has been there for almost 2 years, and there are nearly 2 million eBooks available for your purchase. You can find virtually every worth-reading eBook there.

Ebooks.com allows its users to both reading and downloading eBooks. The only problem here is that you can only download files in EPUB or PDF format, and you’ve to first convert them to MOBI format. They don’t give any special discounts but you will get premium features for the premium price.

3- Ibookshelf

Ibookshelf is another online eBook store that provides various top-quality features. This online store has more than hundreds of eBooks available. You can find eBooks in almost every kind of genre. Under the Featured books section, you can find practically every renowned book there, along with reviews from readers worldwide.

Ibookshelf allows purchasing eBooks from various stores, including Amazon, iTunes, etc., at very affordable rates. After downloading your desired book and converting it into MOBI format, you can enjoy it on your Kindle.

4- Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the most convenient way for someone to buy books online if they are an Android user. With its more than 5 million books volume, you can purchase whatever text you want.

Like many other online eBook stores, it also allows downloading only in PDF or EPUB format. After converting the file format, you can read the eBook on your Kindle. You can buy their subscriptions that are relatively lower than others. Moreover, it also offers coupons and gives points to its user that can be redeemed later.

5- BookBub

One of the best features of BookBub is that it covers handpicked deals for its users based on their personalized recommendations. It looks for the best and most fair deals for you across many online book-sellers. In this way, it saves the time of its users and lets them have a hustle-free experience. You should browse for the latest deals and free eBooks availability.

6- Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is a consumer-facing online eBooks store that has a diverse variety of eBooks. It has more than 3 million paid and 1 million free eBooks, making it one of the largest book stores.

BN implants DRM policy (Digital Rights Management) to its users. DRM technology doesn’t allow users to read eBooks on other e-readers or apps. While downloading an eBook from BN, Kindle users not only have to look for the file format, but you also have to remove Barnes & Noble DRM. You can use ePUBee Kindle DRM Removal tool to remove BN DRM policy.

7- Kobo

Kobo is another brilliant store for eBook enthusiasts. It has almost 5 million eBooks making it one of the biggest online eBook stores. It also allows its users to send eBooks as gifts. One of the best pros of the Kobo is that it has a strong recommendation logarithm that endorses eBooks to its users based on their reading habits.

If you want to download eBooks for your Kindle, convert their file format first. In addition to this, you also have to look for random price variations as the prices on Kobo keep on changing.

How to add eBooks to Kindle

There are many ways you can add eBooks to your Kindle – both device and app.

Add eBooks to Kindle app

  • Adding eBooks to your Kindle application is pretty straightforward. If you have Kindle installed on your smartphone or tablet, you’ve to first convert/download your desired eBook in the correct format, i.e., mobi/prc.
  • Next, open the download folder or wherever you’ve saved your eBook. Long press the file and tap on the share option.
  • Here, you’ll see many sharing options and the Kindle app as well if the file is in mobi You can now share your eBook on Kindle.

Add eBooks to a Kindle device

  • To add eBooks to your Kindle e-reader, connect it to your PC.
  • Copy your desired files. Open the Kindle disc image and look for the DOCUMENTS folder in it and paste your files there.

Other methods

There are some other methods that you can use to send a file to your Kindle.

  1. You can use the Send to Kindle Using this application, you can send eBooks, website contents, documents, and other files to your Kindle. This application is available for both Mac and Windows.
  2. You can also use cloud storage services like Mega, G-Drive, or Dropbox. Simply upload your files to Dropbox, and then download the file to your Kindle application.

Final Words

You should keep in your mind that some sites use DRM (Digital Rights Management) policies. This is a way of protecting their media rights for their eBooks.

If you find this article helpful, feel free to like it and share it with your friends. Any suggestions/questions are welcome. Have a nice day!


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