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Best E-Book Free Download Websites

As the world is progressing, the online marketplace has become the most powerful in all regards. Every aspect of life has made itself reachable just one click away. Even the books we used to read by elegantly holding in our hands have easily been accessed on our screens. But in this online world of chaotic websites, finding the right books for yourself has become a  stressful and time-consuming task.

Readers want to find the best free e-book sites available in pdf form, so that they’ll be easily accessed and read. The word ‘Free e-books download’ brings a sigh of relief for the full-time book readers. But what’re the best free download pdf websites that potentially don’t waste your time?

Free E-Books: Best Things One Could Ever Get, For Sure

It’s heaven in disguise, to find a free book you’re willing to read for a while. Thanks to technology that readers don’t have to look around in each and every store searching for the books that match their likings. As of now, different websites have been developed so that you don’t have to waste your time and energy looking for your desired book.

So let’s take a look at some free ebook pdf websites that will make your reading fever long-lasting and free of cost!

  1. Open Library

Here, you can find every published book easily. If not, it’s just your luck. But no need to worry, pick another book and start reading. Open Library has books in every genre and topic. You can read your book immediately if it has a ‘read’ option but you have to be a registered user to borrow a book for a week or two. It’s really easy to use with no interruptions at all.


  1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is also a great website to download your e-books for free. It offers a wide variety of books in different genres. You can find some academic books here too. This website has no registration fee and it’s completely free of cost. It’s a trusted source with more than 50,000 e-books for you!


  1. Ibookshelf.net

Ibookshelf.net is a platform where you can interact with your interests and seek guidance about different books. You can download a great number of e-books easily. The best part of this website is that you even get the book plus audiobook reviews, so you can easily analyze whether the book matches your interest or not within a few seconds of reading. All you have to do is type the name of the book you’re looking for and start reading.


  1. LibriVox

If you are lazy about reading books but want to know their story anyhow, what’s the best option other than audiobooks? And if you’re looking for the best free audiobooks download website, LibriVox is a nice option. Here you just have to sign up and search for the book you’re looking for. This website provides more than 15,000 books, just one click away.


  1. ManyBooks

Manybooks is another free ebook download website where book-lovers can find many free e-books. This site is legit and very easy to use. About 50,000 books are available here on all the genres you love!



  1. BookYards

By using the Bookayards website, you can find an insane amount of free e-books just some clicks away from you. All you have to do is type out the name of the book or author you want and you’ll find what you’re looking for.


  1. FeedBooks

FeedBooks are a public domain to millions of its readers. It has a number of free pdf books available. Readers just have to look around their required book and start reading. Furthermore, you can also upload your own content here. FeedBooks provide multiple formats like pdf, kindle, EPub, etc to its readers.


  1. PDF Books World

This site offers a large range of books in pdf form. It has books on different genres and categories. Just pick a name and download free pdf e-books and read until you’re merry enough. You can explore different titles and download whichever book you want for free.


  1. ZLibrary

This is a huge online marketplace for free e-books all around the globe. Users must sign in to this website to download his or her favorite book to read. Apart from books, this website also deals with a huge collection of different articles.


  1. BookBoon

If you are into technology and software, this website might be the best option for you. Plus If you’re looking for any technical e-book, just visit this website and you’ll find that book surely. It provides a variety of free textbooks for many students and employees.


  1. OverDrive

Overdrive deals with thousands of free e-books and audiobooks. You can take the digital content anywhere with you once you have completed downloading your book. You can also find a lot of magazines and videos on this website. Browse this website and get ready to read. It requires a sign-up for your complete reach to this website.


  1. The Online Books Store

This book store has over 3 million free e-books for you! The online book store website is so easy to use with no sign-up required. Just search for your book and all is done. The Online Book Store also has banner books in pdf. This might be the website readers can get for downloading free e-books.



Above, we discussed some of the best free e-book download websites you can find while browsing the internet about your wanted books. These websites have a huge collection of books and in various categories. Books are the source of knowledge, so grasp this knowledge wherever you find it. You don’t know when it might come in handy. Moreover, books might be the best companion when you want to relax, forget your problems and spend some time with yourself. But this can only be possible if you have Free e-books in your hand. We made it possible by presenting you with some of the best free ebook download websites available on the internet.


 Happy Reading!

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