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Where to buy cheap books

If you’re looking for places to buy cheap books in a good condition, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the best sites on the internet. Not only do these sites give amazing discounts but they also have some alluring offers.

Since book prices have been steadily increasing over the past few years, book nerds can save money by buying cheap old books online. Below is the list of some sites that sell books and eBooks at pretty reasonable and cheap rates for passion-seekers. Don’t worry, we also have covered offers and subscriptions provided by these stores. So, let’s dive into it.

1-   Amazon

A vast selection of cheap books is available on Amazon.com, ranging from college textbooks to classic literature. Because of their popularity, they are among the world’s largest merchants. There is a wide variety of items to choose from, the pricing is fair, and the shipment is fast.

Pretty much various ways are there to find cheap books on Amazon. Under the used books section, you can find almost any book for half of the original price. Moreover, after using the search bar, move to the left and then scroll to the bottom to find the Condition button. Here, you can select the used option to get discounts. They ship at almost no cost.

Tip: Don’t forget to Look for Today’s deal under the Deals tab and Bargain Books under the Promotion tab to get extra discounts.

2-   Alibris

Known as “Media Marketplace”, Alibris.com is best for finding those books that are rare and hard to find in other stores. As claimed, they give up to 50% discount. One of the great features of Alibris is that they have a large network of independent sellers, which means that you can buy any type of book at your desired cost.

Moreover, if you can’t afford to buy a new/used book, Alibris.com offers 21-day return rentals as long as you keep the book in decent shape. Just like Amazon, they also have bargains options and also, don’t forget to check the used section for additional promotions.

Tip: On delivery of more than $39, you get free home delivery. In addition to this, you can also get coupons by subscribing to their newsletters.

3-   Ibookshelf

Ibookshelf.com is an independent online book, eBooks & audiobook store. They house hundreds of online books. One of the main highlights of ibookshelf.com is that they have much lower rates as compared to the market rates. On top of this, they have a great variety of the latest and most famous books in the market.

The only problem here is that they currently don’t have textbooks. So, if you’re a student and are looking for some textbooks at cheap prices, you should try some other online stores, like Amazon or Better World Books, etc.

4-   Powell’s Books

Similar to Alibris, Powell’s Books.com also have a large database of thousands of independent sellers. They have a huge diversity of books with almost 5000 books added each day. Their site, which includes anything from staff recommendations to playlists of songs that authors listen to as they work, also offers a wealth of information.

Tip: On every purchase of $50, shipment is free. Apart from this, each delivery will only cost you $3.99.

5-   The Strand

The best place to look for is if you’re in search of newly published or very rare out-of-stock books. The Strand or Strand Books is a great place to consider as they are very particular while choosing the books. Even the used books are in pretty good condition.

Alongside the books, they also have a capacious collection of merchants, apparel, and gifts.

Tip: Check their subscription-based offers. They have a new offer for their regular customers every other month. Plus, you can also pre-order your favorite books – all that at a discounted price.

6-   Biblio

One of the online cheap book stores that mainly focus on collecting and shipping rare books, Biblio is a gigantic web of online as well as independent sellers. They predominantly focus on historical novels and antique books that are hard to find elsewhere.

One of the best hallmarks of Biblio is that they also run non-profit organizations. This means that some of their profit from sales goes toward donations and is utilized in building libraries in South Africa.

Tip: Don’t forget available discounts and free shipping offers under the special tab. Furthermore, they also focus on carbon-neutral shipping by eliminating carbon from their shipments.

7-   Thrift books

“10% off on any eligible deal”

Thrift Books is one of the cheapest online stores. With more than 7 million titles under their name, they have a giant collection of used books. You can find books related to fiction, comics, health and fitness, education, and many more.

Thrift books offer many cost-effective offers for their consumers. Like you can get up to 15% on your first order and you also get a $5 bonus for every shopping of $50 or more. Feel free to check thriftbooks.com to look for the best offers.

Tip: While shopping at Thrift Books, make sure to check the collectible book’s headings to find first or signed editions of your favorite books. Also, look for deals like “2 for $7” etc.

8-   Better World Books

Famous for their fiction and non-fiction genres, Better World Books is another great name for the taste. Better World Books has a collection of more than eight million titles to pick from.

Apart from fiction, horror, children’s literature, and comic books, they also have a wide selection of textbooks. For every purchase, they donate a book. As per the latest stats, they have donated about 30 million books to date. They also do fund-raise for libraries and literacy.

Tip: Better World Books is the only store that not only gives you discounts but also, they do free shipping worldwide. Yes, you heard right – fee shipping all over the globe.


There are some online tools to compare prices from different sites. Like Google Shopping, Bigwords, Affordabook, BookFinder, and many more. These tools may help you to save some extra money by digging deep into the internet.

A good second-hand book may keep you occupied on the bus or train, or help you learn more about history without costing you a lot of fortune. The Internet indeed has some of the finest discounts available. Buying books online is the way to really go if you’re low on budget and want to grow your library.


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